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ADF  forms the foundation for Web-center Portal’s components and services. ADF is an innovative, yet mature Java EE development framework available from Oracle, and, unlike most other frameworks, is directly supported and enabled by the award winning development environment, Oracle J Developer 11g. DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK TRAINING will be conducted by knowledgeable real-time Consultant . We are going to offer the real-time scenario for each and every Development Framework   concept. DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK COURSE THROUGH ONLINE Is Provided by Best Online Software Training.

Oracle Applications Development Framework (ADF)

  1. Introduction to ADF
  2. ADF Architecture
  3. Understanding JDeveloper
  4. Explain sample application
  5. Database schema modeling
  6. Install JDeveloepr 11g
  7. Get familiar with IDE
  8. Database modeling
  9. Install sample application schema
  10. Introduction to ADFbc
  11. Entity Objects and View Objects
  12. Associations and View Links
  13. Declarative validation and business logic
  14. Programmatic validation and business logic
  15. Application Modules and Testing ADFbc
  16. Troubleshoot ADFbc
  17. Build ADFbc
  18. Add validations and business logic
  19. Build application modules
  20. Test ADFbc
  21. Introduction to UI technology
  22. Understanding ADFm and data bindings
  23. Designing User Interface
  24. Understanding task flows
  25. Implementing navigation between pages
  26. Controlling transactions between flows
  27. Building a simple UI page
  28. Build a simple page
  29. Build bounded TF
  30. Implement navigations
  31. Creating data-bound page
  32. Understanding Managed Beans
  33. Rendering partial page content
  34. Handling Events and listeners
  35. Understanding Layout basics
  36. Using input components and forms
  37. Using Tables and Trees in UI
  38. Building Master-Detail UI
  39. Building Search UI
  40. Build a search, create, edit, delete flow
  41. Build master-detail UI
  42. Refine UI with layouts
  43. Use PPR and listeners
  44. Using list-of-values in UI
  45. Using popup, dialog and menus
  46. Using navigation components
  47. Using trains in UI
  48. Displaying tips, messages and help content
  49. Contextual Events
  50. Passing parameters between flows
  51. Reusing flows and regions
  52. Using templates
  53. Using declarative components
  54. Add LOV in UI
  55. Use popup, dialog and menus
  56. Using data visualization components on UI
  57. Troubleshoot ADF application
  58. Refactoring the code
  59. Reusing application components
  60. Deploying application
  61. Advanced ADFbc techniques
  62. Exposing web services from ADFbc
  63. Using ADF UI as portlet
  64. Using DVT components
  65. Refactor code
  66. Tuning ADFbc
  67. Complete the demo application
  68. Use trains
  69. Build templates and declarative components
  70. Using contextual events

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